Soccer Coach’s Letter

This is one example of the many positive comments we receive.

Greetings Tom:

I appreciate your help in developing the coaches for my soccer club. One of the on-going challenges we have is to sift through all the technical manuals and books that have a tremendous amount of depth and detail when all we need for now is to have something that provides us with the basis for getting coaches interested in supporting the sport.

Your manuals will help inspire coaches to continue on with coaching. When this happens, you develop more consistency in the quality of play with the kids thus creating a stronger soccer program.

In Canada, there is a huge untapped soccer community that is poorly funded and developed. With the increasing numbers of players, this is a growing concern.

Just to inform you, I am also an assistant coach for a U-12 Boys soccer team. Your manuals helped us get to the Provincial Championship in our division with we won gold for the 2005 outdoor season. For the indoor soccer season, your manuals were also instrumental in getting us back to Provincials were we took Silver in the Provincials. Over the last year, we have 4 gold and 3 silvers. Your product does deliver results.

My son has just been picked to join the number one Premier Team in the Province for his age bracket. The tools you provided help with his development as well.

I am all for helping promote your product as I find them of great quality. For new coaches, it provides structure. For seasoned coaches, it provides new ideas on approaching drills that they are familiar with. Well done.

Yours in soccer,

Duncan Hawkins

PSA Soccer
City Coaches Coordinator
Calgary, Alberta

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