Soccer Drills & Practice Plans

To help coaches we have created effective soccer drills and practice plans for entire seasons. All ages & skill levels. Click on any book below to learn more. Then Download.Practice.Play.

FREE Youth Soccer Coaching Guide. Based on the Four Pillars of Soccer™ and Seven Speeds of Soccer. Download here: Youth Soccer Coaching Guide

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Icon of a child kicking a soccer ball. Link to soccer practice book for U4 to U8.

Fun Soccer Drills

U4 – U8

Coaching children to play soccer while having fun. Learn more.

An adolescent getting ready to kick a soccer ball. Link to a soccer preactice book for U9 to U12.

Basic Soccer Drills

U9 – U12

Developing team and individual soccer skills & tactics. Learn more.

A teenage soccer player chasing after a soccer ball. Link to soccer practice book for U13 to U18.

Advanced Soccer Drills

U13 – U18

Developing teams to compete at the highest level. Learn more.

Pro soccer player kicking a soccer ball. Link to soccer practice book for U16 to adult.

Competitive Pro Soccer Practices

U16 – Adult

Playing a high pressure and fast transition game. Learn more.

An icon of a soccer goalkeeper making a save.

Goalie Soccer Drills

Essential techniques & tactics. Learn more.

An icon of an indoor soccer ball.

Indoor Soccer Drills

Soccer practices for small spaces – gyms and indoor turf fields. Learn more.

Icon of a clipboard showing a page with a soccer strategy.

Soccer Systems of Play

Strategies for teams to compete at the highest levels. Learn more.

Trophy icon for the 300 soccer drill collection

300 Soccer Drills

300 drills from the kids, youth, competitive and goalkeeping books. Learn more.

Our soccer drills and practice plans offer holistic training employing the
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Soccer Skills & Techniques – ball control, moves, passing, shooting, 1v1, ..

Soccer Game Tactics – formations, attacking, transition, defending plays,..

Soccer Specific Physical Fitness – aerobic, strength, agility, flexibility,..

Soccer Specific Mental Fitness –  communication, perception, anticipation, reaction, decision-making,..

Each soccer drill, practice plan, and book contains the appropriate balance of the four pillars of soccer.  In our BLOG we unpack some of the drills to let you look “behind the curtain”.

Our Soccer Drill Principles:

  • Maximum ball touches – no waiting in lines
  • Constant player movement
  • Easy set up & demonstration
  • Holistic training – four pillars of soccer
  • Small group & full team games

Keeping It Simple

These are PDF books with printable soccer drills and practice plans, clipboard ready. Also viewable on an iPad, Galaxy Tab, or any tablet.

To avoid using costly color inks and increase readability we kept our graphics simple, clear and clean. sports people

I certify that I have developed these practice plans and have tested them with teams I coached. For questions or coaching help, e-mail me directly: Coach Tom Sauder

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