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Soccer Player Ideal Performance State

Soccer coach going over play on writing boardThe ideal performance state of an athlete refers to the combined mental, emotional, and physical condition that allows an athlete to perform at their best. Each player has their own ideal performance state. Soccer coaches often think that all players get to game readiness the same way, they don’t. Some perform best when they are anxious, others when relaxed. I had a player who played her best and most composed when she was angry. Finding the ideal performance state is a process of self reflection. We have developed a simple check list to help. Part one is to ask the athlete to remember the best game they ever played and answer some questions of why it was the best game. Part two is a tracking process in which the player records over several games their performance and emotional, mental, and physical condition. After a few good games, the analysis of the data should allow a player specific game preparation program that fits within the context of the team program. Download the checklist, click


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