Soccer Stretches

Stretching is a critical component of maintaining athletes’ health.

There are many theories about the proper stretching techniques, the main ones debating the merits of dynamic versus static stretching.

We believe that a combination of the two is a good approach. Our stretching program starts with low intensity ball work or running and inserts key static stretches in between.

We have selected the most important stretches for soccer players and show the exact position in our photos. It is important to first warm-up the muscles some, then start stretching.

Muscles used in soccer are hamstring, quads, calves and those are the muscle groups we insist on being stretched at a minimum. Every soccer player should also stretch other areas as required based on their personal needs.

It is important to hold stretches for 20 – 30 seconds to make them useful.

Runners Stretch

RunnerS RunnerF


Quadriceps Stretch

 QuadS QuadF

Hamstring Stretch

HamS HamF


Heel Stretch



We have incorporated all required stretches into our soccer practice warm-up. It is important to note that the warm-up drills need to be of low intensity.

We have incorporated skill development at a slow pace and moderate running into the stretching program leading to the most effective warm-up for your soccer team.

Dynamic Stretching

We have a full dynamic stretching program which is a free bonus with the purchase of any of our soccer practice books