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Indoor Soccer (all ages): Training on small fields

Download an entire season of soccer drills and practice plans. Our coaching tips and drill progression allow easy adaptation to the skill level and age group of your team. Includes three bonus books.

Try a free soccer practice plan with soccer drills:


  • all drills are designed for small spaces.
  • drills and practice sessions are also suited for outdoor teams where space is limited.
  • scrimmages introduce line-ups and tactical elements of 5v5 soccer
  • small group drills teach play in units and maximize competitive elements.
  • all drills come with coaching tips to make them work
  • basic/advanced skills in fun drills and games.
  • all aspects of indoor/mini soccer.
  • mastery of ball control.
  • 10 complete practice plans with 80 drills and choice of pre-designed season plans for your team priorities.


In addition to the practice plans you will get:

  • three free bonus books not available anywhere else (see below)
  • “insight” newsletters with invaluable coaching tips (subscription)
  • free e-mail coaching advice – your personal mentor coach

Bonus Books


CoachsAdvantage_Underdog_v1-01_420x420Free Bonus # 1: Winning Strategies For The Underdog

Unless you are the dominating team you will come up against a team ahead of you. In this book we reveal the best game strategies and line -ups when you are facing the powerhouse you could never beat. You learn how to mentally prepare your team for success when facing tough competition.


CoachsAdvantage_TryoutSessions_v1-01_420x420Free Bonus #2: Soccer Tryout Package

You may need to select players and you must know the skills of each player on your team. This book gives you tryout practice plans to assess player skills and fitness.
Includes player rating, position profile, and personal data sheets.


CoachsAdvantage_DynamicWarmUp_v1-01_420x420Free Bonus # 3: Dynamic Warm-Up Routine

These are pre-game or pre-practice warm up routines used by soccer teams at all levels everywhere. They can be used instead of or in addition to static stretches






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We guarantee that your book will be delivered to you or we will refund your money!

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Our process is:

1. assist you with downloading
2. e-mail you a copy of the book
3. mail you a custom made CD or a paper copy,
4. or refund your money.

Your complete satisfaction is important to us.More Features

 75 action packed pages.

10 completely worked out practices, each on a single page to fit on your clipboard.

Each practice plan follows the sequence of warm-up, technical, fitness, tactics, and scrimmage game.

Practices are designed to be easy to demonstrate, maximize player touches on the ball and to be fun for these young future stars.

In addition to soccer skill and team tactics, they incorporate fitness, agility, communication, problem solving and mental fitness training.

Each of the drills for each of the practices is on its own page that fits on a clipboard and has room for notes.

This allows the coach to create different practice sessions from the 50 drill pages (80 drills) available.

So if you wanted to run a practice involving more passing, use drills with passing themes

You can sequence the drills in any order you feel your team needs on a given day.

There is a summary page outlining the main focus of each of the drills.

You are getting 10 complete practice sessions and the ability to now mix and match 80 drills into many more practices.

Examples of soccer drills found in the book:

passing, receiving, ball control drills, header drills, 1v1 attacking drills, odd-man attacking, odd-man defending, target passing, shooting accuracy, change of direction drills, dribbling, anticipation drills, soccer speed, reaction drills, overlap passing, cut-backs, passing-shooting combination drills, dribbling-shooting combination drills soccer agility drills, defending more than one soccer goal, running drills, pass-turn-pass, pass-turn-shoot, faking defenders, transition play drills, 1 v 1 to 5v5 scrimmages.

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