Order Process

Here is a detailed description of the entire order process and what you should expect. If you have any questions about the process or your order, please e-mail us at Customer Service. Feel free to scroll down to the step that you wish to learn more about.


Step 2: Cart

Step 3: Checkout (with account set-up)

Step 4a: Payment with PayPal

Step 4b: Payment with credit card

Step 5: PayPal payment confirmation

Step 6: soccerpracticebooks.com order confirmation with download links

Step 7: PayPal confirmation e-mail

Step 8: soccerpracticebooks.com confirmation e-mail with download links

We have built a three way book delivery system to make sure you get what you ordered:

  1. After payment you get redirected to our site to an order confirmation page which has download links to all your books (step 6)
  2. You will also receive an order confirmation e-mail with download links from us (step 8)
  3. We encourage you to set up an account with us during the checkout process. This will give you a password so you can log in and review your orders and download your books if you need to (step 3)



On the product page (likely the page you are on), click on “Add to Cart”.

Product Page


Step 2: Cart


The shopping cart with all items will appear. If it has everything you want, click on “Checkout”

Add Cart


Step 3: Checkout


After clicking on checkout you are asked to enter your information, which will be strictly confidential.


Checkout 2

We recommend you check the box above and create an account with us. This will give you access to your books in the future, in case they get accidentally deleted from your computer, or in case you are away from your computer. Please click on “Proceed to PayPal”.

Note: You can pay with a credit card through PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Checkout 3


Step 4a: PayPal Payment


This is the standard PayPal payment page, which you are likely familiar with:


If you don’t have a PayPal account click on the “Don’t have a PayPal account? link above and you can pay by credit card.


Step 4b: Credit Card Payment



No PayPal


Step 5: Payment Confirmation


PayPal Thx


Step 6: Order Confirmation


After payment you will be automatically returned to the soccerpracticebooks.com site’s order confirmation page. You can click on download links for your books. 

SPB Order Rec


Step 7: Confirmation e-mail from PayPal


PayPal will send you a standard e-mail confirmation for your order. Please retain this e-mail.

PayPal Email Conf

PayPal Email Conf 2


Step 8: Order Confirmation E-Mail From Us with Download Links


Just in case you left the order confirmation page of step 6, we will send an e-mail confirming your order with the download links of all the books you ordered.

SPB Email Conf SPB Email Conf 2

                           SPB Email Conf 3